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NEWSLETTER  May/June2020

PLEASE be aware that all events here may be affected by the Coronavirus last minute scheduling

changes. Use event contact information specifically for cancellation information. 

The coronavirus has changed all our lives, as citizens, as individuals and families, and as photographers.

As an organization, NHSPA is concerned with the health and safety of our members,

of the general public, and of the places where we live and work.

Thank you for your patience and support of NHSPA. Please stay safe and follow all coronavirus pandemic recommendations. - The NHSPA Board




NHSPA Virtual Annual Meeting

June 6, 2020  from 9:00-11:00am

To All NHSPA Members and prospective members,
These are difficult times for any organization. The NHSPA Annual Member Meeting usually takes place in May, in person. This year, because of the pandemic, we will hold the meeting via Zoom. The meeting will take place on June 6 from 9:00-11:00am. All current members will receive an email with a more detailed agenda and login details.

The Zoom meeting will cover the following items:

1. Status of the organization - membership and finances

2. Election of Board members
3. NH2020 update - status of photos submitted, subjects still needed, timing, plans for exhibits and book, upcoming review meetings
4. Periodic meetings with photography-related presentations

5. Use of Zoom to supplement in-person meetings

We are a member-supported organization. We hope that most members will join the call on June 6. Non-members wishing to join, and to attend the members meeting, can do so at www.nhspa.org

Regards and Stay Safe! We hope to see you virtually on June 6.





Statewide Documentary Project Update

(Formerly Introduced As NH-NOW Project)

penny ceres bakery

Employee Merrill Aharonian at Ceres Bakery in Portsmouth - photo by Michael Sterling

Regional Reviews Dates for NH2020 Are TEMPORARILY On Hold. 

Please stay tuned for more details.

For more information keep visiting www.nhspa.org and our Facebook page. We will keep these sites as up to date as possible and will send out announcements as appropriate without overloading your inboxes. 

Statewide Documentary Project

PLEASE continue to participate or start participating in the NHSPA statewide photography project, now known as 'NH2020'.  The name was changed as we began a collaborative effort with the New Hampshire Historical Society. They will oversee exhibits and publications at the end of the photo-taking phase of the project. We are very excited to partner with the Historical Society and with regional historical societies across the state.

NH2020 regional photo reviews will continue to take place.  Check Upcoming Events below for the date and time of future meetings. You can photograph through July 2020 in any region of the state. 

We are a volunteer organization. We can use your help! Contact us at nhsocietyphotographicartists@gmail.com

The NHSPA has a lot to gain from the successful completion of this project, but there is still much work to be done. We are planning on having a meeting of all NH 2020 photographers on the opening day (January 5th) of the Exeter exhibit to answer questions, and discuss the following:

• High level overview (NHHS, fundraising) and summary timeline (active photography, curating, preparation, show schedule)

• Number of participants and images submitted so far

• ’Tough love’ request for more images - shoot at multiple locations/regions, variety of topics (hand out the list below), grittier topics

• Technical challenges - RAW files/xmp files, offer of technical help (format of help TBD)

• Notice that round 2 of technical reviews will be scheduled

• ’Tough love’ - we need assistance in various areas - locating and reserving venues, organizing and validating technical format of submitted images, publicity

• Q&A

We are asking that participants really focus on creating a complete and full portrayal of life in New Hampshire in 2019-2020.  Here is a list of some of the items we are looking for:

• Architecture – modern, historical, etc.

• Astrophotography over NH landscape

• ATV enthusiasts

• Beer and Wine makers

• Business – retail and / or office

• Children in an educational setting *

• Environmental portraits (artists, crafts people etc)

• Fairs (county, farm, ethnic)

• Family life

• Farms, Farm to Table, restaurants

• Fishing Industry / families hunting for deer, turkey etc

• Gaming clubs

• Gun / Hunting Enthusiasts *

• Homeless *

• Immigrants * (it’s really important to show the ethnic diversity in the state)

• Isle of Shoals and ‘Pelicans’

• LGBT community *

• Logging industry

• Manufacturing (hi tech, small, large)

• Midwives

• Military

• Night Scenes

• People working at their daily job

• People with disabilities *

• Political - campaigning, polling booths, NH Primary, NH legislature

• Poverty * (trailer parks)

• Prisons * women’s and men’s prisons

• Quarries

• Snowmobile enthusiasts

• Sports

• Streetscapes and scenes

• Gritty” - the opposite of beautiful New Hampshire landscapes. Images of buildings, people, situations that are not beautiful but reflect a downside of life in our state. Once again, be sensitive to how you portray your subjects.

We’re anticipating lots of publicity for this project and each and every one of you who participates will benefit professionally and artistically from your hard work.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at project@nhspa.org

If you have any NH Now questions, submit them to project@nhspa.org. Thank you again for your interest and

participation in NHSPA NH-Now Statewide Photography Project.



        The purpose of NHSPA's monthly newsletter is to share information of potential interest to our members in a bi-monthly on-line format at www.NHSPA.org.  Brief items submitted

        by our members regarding their upcoming shows, workshops of interest, photography education opportunities and more. If you have info you'd like included, please check your email

        inbox for your invitation to submitting format and accompanying images. If you have not received an email or have additional questions please to do not hesitate to contact 


        Thank you to everyone for your many contributions! As always your feedback, comments, suggestions and questions about these newsletter are most welcome!


        Pat Corlin

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