• Am I limited to only shoot in regions where a photo review did not yet take place?

 No. Any region in the state is open for photography for the duration of the project

  • -What if I submitted a catalog for a particular region and want to add/remove images from that catalog?

You may either add another catalog with the DATE as part of the catalog name, or delete the first catalog from the shared drive and replace it with the new catalog.  Either method is acceptable.   If you do not know how to do either, please contact us and we will set up a time to walk you thru it on the telephone. 

  • -Can I attend a review session even if I did not shoot in that region


  • -What is the last date that I can submit catalogs? 

TBD. We have to figure out a stop date, and allow time for selecting images, printing, finding locations, etc.

  • -When will there be regional exhibits?

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